Intern at Shepherds Cross and Heart of the Shepherd
    Internships at Shepherd's Cross and Heart of the Shepherd can provide an
    individual with hands-on knowledge about working with sheep or in the Bible
    Garden, farm maintenance, working for a non-profit, working in the Farm
    Museum, and teaching about our Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

    Internships are tailored to the individual's strengths and interests and can run
    for a summer season, or the spring or fall school year.   Room, board and
    stipend can be a part of the individual package we put together.  Email Dr.
    Diane Dickinson at SheepFarm@ShepherdsCross for more details.  

    Potential Tasks include:
  • Leading Bible Studies & Being a Tour Guide
  • Learning about Sustainable Agriculture
  • Assisting in the Farm Museum
  • Assisting with the Farm Shgop & Fair Trade Store
  • Building Fencelines and other Farm Maintenance Jobs
  • Washing, Combing and Spinning Wool, Making other Wool Products
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Gardening & the Bible Garden
  • Fall includes the Celebration of the Lord's Harvest
  • Fall interns particiapate in the Lviing Nativity
  • Spring interns participate in lambing season and shearing
  • Harvesting produce

The Internship Program was established in 2009. Over 30 interns have had the
opportunity to be a part of the program at Shepherd's Cross and Heart of the Shepherd.

A graduate of the Internship Program has the opportunity to apply for the Residency Program.

A graduate of the Residency Program has the opportunity to apply for the Partner in Ministry

Interns, Residents and Partners in Ministry may live on site or live off site; and interns may be
full time or part time (details worked out on an individual basis).

Interns have come from New Hampshire, California, Colorado, Kansas, South Carolina,
Kansas, Illinois, and Oklahoma.

To apply for the internship, simply submit a resume; this will get the process started.
Internship Opportunities
at Shepherd's Cross and
Heart of the Shepherd
    Chris Johnson, a student at Barclay College in Kansas

    Among his  Chris has interned with us twice.  During the summer of 2009
    and the tasks  summer of 2012.   shepherding the this summer flock, fence
    maintenance, pasture maintenance, and teaching the 23rd Psalm Bible
    Study series.

    About his internship experience, Chris says,
    "The internship provided through Heart of the Shepherd was instrumental
    in shaping how I understand the calling of a Pastor. As an under-shepherd,
    I learned a great deal about needing and trusting in the wisdom of the
    "head" shepherd. Ultimately, Christ is the Head Shepherd of His Church.
    May I ever be found an obedient "under-sheep" to care for the beloved and
    beautiful sheep!"
    Lucy Pleticha
    Lucy studied Plant Biology so her
    internship included writing an update of
    the Bible Garden handbook and signs
    She also enjoyed working in the Wool
    Washroom and making fiber arts

    One of Lucy's tasks in the spring was
    also to take care of Essie, the bottle
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Not responsible for accident or injury of any kind.  Participants attend and participate at their own risk.
his arms and carries them close to His heart;
He gently leads those that have young.  
Isaiah 40:11

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