Heart of the Shepherd
      @ Shepherd's Cross

    Heart of the Shepherd, Inc., is a public non-profit organization, founded in
    December of 2006, with a governing board of directors. Our mission is to
    teach people both local to Oklahoma and throughout the world about the
    goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ, relating Biblical scripture to
    agriculture, horticulture, and farm animals.  We provide Biblically -based
    tours as well as providing service to  those living in poverty stricken
    communities, such as the Baby Blessing Bags.  

    We are able to provide tax deductible receipts for monetary, equipment
    and livestock donations.  

               Sharing God's Word through His Creation

    Our heart's desire is to teach children, and adults of all ages about The
    Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ, and of His great love for each of us.
    Animals, in particular sheep, as well as plants, are used to bring revelation
    to scripture.  Additionally, visitors will learn the value and uses of animals,
    animal products, and plants.  This farm is a peaceful respite for those who
    are weary from the world's labors.

    In the spring, with new lambs arriving, we show groups some of the
    reasons God termed himself "The Good Shepherd", and calls us the
    sheep of His pasture.  In the fall, our Pumpkin Festival concentrates on the
    goodness of God in the harvest time.  The Living Nativity, during
    December, provides a living reenactment of the meager stable scene ~ as
    a reminder of that night when Jesus was born.  Throughout the year
    Shepherd's Garden gives insight into God's work through plants -
    especially the metaphors in His Word.

    Shepherd's Cross is a member of  the Oklahoma Agritourism Committee -
    our programs are also PASS-aligned for school requirements.

    Please explore our site to see more about what we do - specific events,
    the farm shop, and classes we host in the fiber arts.

Baby Blessing Bags !
    One of the ministries Heart of the Shepherd oversees is the creation  of gift bags full of
    baby items for mothers in need, especially newborn clothing.  Each bag contains a
    hand-made object such as a knit blanket, cap, or booties, as a personal touch of God's
    love, and some piece of literature affirming of motherhood in His sight.

    We've been blessed with a direct connection to dispersing these to mothers in need of
    both a boost and encouragement. Our county's numbers of new mothers without
    resources to take care of the life entrusted to them is staggering. The Department of
    Health has a program set up where qualifying mothers are given lessons in physical
    and spiritual health, and regular check-ups, even after the birth.

    Interested in contributing? We are the most stretched for timely hand-crafted items. Join
    our crafts time to work on a project, or drop by our shop to check out what a typical bag
    has in it.

    Contact us for more information!
16792 East 450 Road,
Claremore, OK 74017-0935

Hwy 66 & then  2.5 miles East on Akin Road (EW 45 Road or EW 450 Road)
Contact us by e-mail at:
Not responsible for accident or injury of any kind.  Participants attend and participate at their own risk.
the lambs in his arms and carries them close to
His heart; He gently leads those that have
Isaiah 40:11
. . . The Beginnings
decision to become shepherds for a flock of sheep.  We have come to In the
summer of 1993, after much prayerful deliberation, we made the understand
the physical and the spiritual implications of our has multiplied, as has our love
for them.  They are gentle and loving creatures, that bend to the nature of
their shepherd.  There are many biblical parables and references to sheep.  In
order to fully understand the instructions for living that reference sheep and
shepherding it is imperative that sheep and shepherding remain a viable
productive force in our world, and that shepherds who understand that biblical
meaning, through life's hands on experiences, be willing to share that
message.  This inspired our labor to create Shepherd's Cross.  Our
Shepherding Tours started the mission, giving a hands-on lesson for young
and old, concerning shepherding techniques, agricultural sustenance, and
Biblical interpretation.  

At this time, Shepherd's Cross remains a family farm operation.  This in itself
has become a unique phenomena in the American landscape.  

The farm was purchased in 1991.  The original 1920's farm house was
reconstructed on the original site, with the bulk of architectural features
salvaged from the original home.  The farm has had only one owner previous
to the Dickinson family.     

Tuesday thru Saturday  
Year Round
Tours available Th, Fri & Sat
or other days by appointment

Extended Hours & Days
for Special Events

Sundays & Mondays
July 4th
Christmas week
New Year's week &
Thanksgiving week