Heart of the Shepherd
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Located at Shepherd's Cross
An Authentic Working Farm

"The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.  He maketh me to lie down in green
pastures.  He leadeth me beside the still waters.  
He restores my soul."                        Psalm 23

Shepherd's Cross is the name of the Dickinson family farm located just north of Claremore, off of Scenic route 66., and Heart
of the Shepherd is the Christin Public Non-Profit (501-C3) that operates at the farm.    

Peter and Diane Dickinson  were both raised on family farms.  It is difficult for family farms to remain such at this time in
America's history, and both Peter and Dr. Diane watched as their ancestor's family farms were divided, sold and dispersed.  
They had a longing to raise their family on a farm, and they saved their pennies after college, and eventually purchased the
farm known as Shepherd's Cross.  It is here that they raised their family.  Shepherd's Cross is a family owned and operated
farm.  Other workers assist the Dickinsons on the farm, and they are grateful for the many helping hands the Lord sends.

There was another burning desire buried in the hearts of Peter and Dr. Diane. They had witnessed how a family farm may not
last forever.  The skills of farming, however, can be passed from generations to generation, and yet, even those skills can
dissipate if not used in future generations.  After prayerful contemplation, they realized that the only thing that lives forever is
The Word of God.  This compelled the Dickinsons to share God's Word as it relates to farming, and in this way the farm could
remain a heritage forever.

The family purchased the farm in 1991, and moved there in the fall of 1992.   The first Harvest Celebration at the farm was
held that fall.  Peter and Dr. Diane invited their church family to the farm to give thanks to the Lord of the Harvest for what He
had given them.  The seed for the Fall Harvest Celebration now called "The Pumpkin Festival" was sown.  This event
continues to celebrate The Lord of the Harvest, and has a slogan "No fear here."  Where the Lord is present there is no fear,
but peace.

The Dickinsons sought the Lord concerning what He would have them produce on the farm.  They had both been raised on
cattle and horse ranches, and thought perhaps that is what the Lord would have them do.  God had a different plan for them.  
Dr. Diane is a licensed veterinarian, and at the time was known in the community for her work on sheep and goats as a
veterinarian.  When they sought the Lord on what to do with the farm, He kept saying to them "Feed my sheep.".  Their
response was, "Lord, we are, we are working in the church, and teaching Sunday School."  They worked harder.  God
continued to say to them "Feed my sheep."  Until finally they understood that God wanted them to literally raise sheep.  They
started with twelve sheep.  No sooner had they gotten them home, than a friend called and asked Dr. Diane if she would
teach her and her children about the sheep and the shepherd as a practical hands on field lesson, incorporating the
relationship of The Great Shepherd Jesus, and we the sheep of the pasture.  With trepidation, she agreed.  The ministry was
born.  From that moment on folks continued to call and schedule Shepherding Tours with Dr. D., as she is affectionately

The ministry grew, little by little, as the Dickinson children grew.  Eventually Dr. Diane closed her veterinary practice, though
she maintains her license.  When the children were grown the farm and ministry began to flourish.  Peter has continued to
work in Tulsa, and assist with the farm and ministry on evenings and weekends.

The ministry is now known as Heart of the Shepherd, a Christian Public non-profit, charitable organization (501-C3) that is
overseen by a Board of Directors.  Heart of the Shepherd continues to expand locally and internationally.  The objective of
this mission is to teach about farming, and about the relationship of farming, and shepherding to the Bible.

All of the tours conducted at the farm, are provided for the community by Heart of the Shepherd.  In addition, Heart of the
Shepherd provides learning opportunities through the Farm Museum, Educational Silo, Wool Mill, and Bible Garden.

Heart of the Shepherd works to encourage Christian congregations, missionaries and evangelists as they labor the fields for
the Lord.  This organization is not a church, but a supporter of local Christian Churches and International Ministries.

This charitable organization currently works with organizations and individuals in approximately twenty nations.  Their primary
work is with rural, impoverished villagers.  The work varies according to the need, however some of the things they do include:
starter flocks and herds for villages and orphanages; animal husbandry training; veterinary training; veterinary medical
outreach programs; starter non-electric wool mills; and Biblical teaching of the sheep and the Shepherd, The Lamb of God,
and other farming and gardening parables.  

This organization operates through the generous donations of  many individuals, and supported by the community. Heart of
the Shepherd is a Public Christian Non-Profit that will leave a legacy of farming, shepherding, gardening and their Biblical
implications for generations to come.

Heart of the Shepherd is committed to allowing everyone the opportunity to visit the farm, and to hear God's Word in living
parables.  Visitors to the farm may attend on a donation basis.

Heart of the Shepherd is primarily operated by a volunteer work force, thus  administrative overhead is low, thus allowing
funding to reach those in need, in the local community and other nations.  As the Executive Director and President of Heart of
the Shepherd, Dr. Dickinson continues to work as a volunteer.  

Truly this is a mission, with it's Heart turned to the heart of The Great Shepherd.  May He forever be praised. Heart of the
Shepherd operates because of the generous donations of many people, locally and around the world.
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