Family Friendly       Fun for all ages!

No Fear (Scare) Here - This is a peaceful farm

Educational Farm Experience

No Dogs or Pets Allowed
(per Agriculture Department Regulations)

Drive Through - Curbside -  Outdoor
Card only

Indoor or Pumpkin Drive Through Window
Card or Cash
Explore 12,000 square feet of indoor
acres of outdoor activities!  Hay maze &
pumpkin patch are grass fields & rarely
have mud at all!

How long does it take when I visit the
Pumpkin Patch?
Enjoy spending the afternoon.  Plan on
spending at least    a couple of hours to
enjoy all that is offered.

In a hurry & just need pumpkins?  No
Complete your transaction in  the
patch with state of the art software or take
them thru the drive thru window!
Our educational tours meet
requirements for school

Here is a link to great
Educational Info for October:

The following seasonal items
available for purchase:

Pumpkins - all shapes & sizes
Decorative Corn
Corn Stalks
Mini Pumpkins
Straw Bales
Amish Jams
Pumpkins Seeds  Pecans
Made in Oklahoma

The earth is the Lord's
& everything in it!

Shepherd's Shop is a quaint &
unique country gift store
Sept. 22 - Nov. 7, 2020
Tuesday through Saturday        9:00 am - 6:30 pm            

Closed Sundays & Mondays  -
 except Monday October 26 we are open    

Regular Walk Trough Pumpkin Patch or Drive Through/Curbside Pumpkin Patch  

Explore Activities on this 80 Acre Farm  -  Outdoors &/or Indoors
"Green Areas" & Great Social Distancing

Free Parking                        Face masks suggested indoors but not required

Free Admission to Walk Through Pumpkin Patch, Farm Museum, 4 Floor Silo, Farm Animal Barn Petting Zoo  
(Donations accepted - $5 per person suggested)

Indoor Restrooms & Baby Changing Stations

Over 60 Activities!  Sanitized several times daily

Celebrating Fall with our community for nearly 20 years!

Family Owned & Operated


Celebrate the Feast of
the Harvest with the first
fruits of the crops.
Exodus 23:16a
Tuesday thru Saturday  
8:30-5:30 Year Round
Open til 6:30
for Pumpkin Festival

Extended Hours & Days
for Special Events

Sundays & Mondays
July 4th Weekend
Christmas week
New Year's week &
Thanksgiving week
    Walk Through Pumpkin Package Types:

#1.  Donation Based
Includes all free activities (see below) - Suggested Donation: $5 per person
  • Pumpkins, Wagon Rides & Scarecrow Crafts available on an individual basis

#2. Mini Pumpkin Package  -  $7 per person
  • Includes all free activities above PLUS  
  • Wagon Ride in hay meadow ($6.50 value)
  • Mini pumpkin or gourd ($1 value)
  • Fall Craft Take Home  OR
    Outdoor Scarecrow Making -  bring a set of any size clothes

#3.  Small Pumpkin Package $8 per person
  • Includes all free activities above PLUS  
  • Wagon Ride in hay meadow ($6.50 value)
  • Pie size pumpkin ($3 value)
  • Fall Craft Take Home   OR
    Outdoor Scarecrow Making -  bring a set of any size clothes

#4.   Regular Pumpkin Package  $10 per person
  • Includes all free activities above PLUS  
  • Wagon Ride in hay meadow ($6.50value)
  • Regular Jack size pumpkin ($4 value)
  • Fall Craft Take Home  OR
    Outdoor Scarecrow Making - bring a set of any size clothes
Do you want a pumpkin or
a memory?
Our pumpkins come with
lasting memories.  
Not responsible for accident or injury of any kind.  Participants attend and participate at their own risk.
16792 East 450 Road,
Claremore, OK 74017-0935

Hwy 66 & then  2.5 miles East on Akin Road
(EW 45 Road or EW 450 Road)

Contact us by e-mail:
(copy & paste address; this is not a link)
Foster Family Day
Saturday October 10, 2020

Sponsored by Oklahoma Fosters
Oklahoma Fosters Families, show
your card at the desk & buy one get
one free Package
Thank you for loving Oklahoma's
Click here for link to OK Fosters
Grandparent Day
Saturday November 7, 2020
Bring your "Grand" &  get
buy one get one free
packages all day long!
All Proceeds benefit
missions - local &

Family Farm

Celebrating Fall with Ya'all
for over 20 years
Video of Pumpkin
Festival From
Channel 6 here
National Alpaca Weekend
Saturday September 26, 2020
Pet the alpaca in the petting zoo,
see the alpaca in the pasture,
alpaca yarn & roving in the gift shop
Every Tuesday of Pumpkin
Festival  is Team Sports Day
Come in uniform with your sport
Buy 4 packages and get the 5th
package free
Home school Day
Friday, September 26, 2020
On this day any home school family may
pay for a maximum of 5 members, and
the remainder of the family receive the
same package, free of charge.
Every Wednesdayof Pumpkin
Festival  is Church Family Day
Bring your church family
Buy 4 packages and get the 5th
package free
We Guarantee our Pumpkins!
    Drive Through  Pumpkin Patch

Purchase Pumpkins of various sizes, shapes  & prices, from your vehicle
Pumpkin Game Activity Packages
Includes a Fall Gift Bag with toys to play the games from your vehicle plus coloring book/pages;
bookmark; & other novelty items

#1. Mini Pumpkin Package  -  $7 per person
  • Fall take home fun bag  ($5 value)
  • Mini Pumpkin  ($1 value)
  • Fall Craft Take Home

#2. Small Pumpkin Package $8 per person
  • Fall Gift Bag ($5 value)
  • Pie Pumpkin ($3 value)
  • Fall Craft Take Home

#3. Regular Pumpkin Package  $10 per person
  • Fall Gift Bag ($5 value)
  • Regular Jack  Pumpkin ($4 value)
  • Fall Craft Take Home

Drive Through Accepts Card Only Payment

1.  Pumpkin Patch – priced for every budget –beginning at 50 cents
2.  Farm Animal Barn Petting Area - Horses, Donkeys, Sheep, Goat,
        Rabbit, Chickens, Alpaca
3.  Baby Chick Hatching Station
4.  Wool Mill
5.  Little Land
6.  Hay Bale Maze
7.  Standing Hay Maze
8.  Find The Pumpkin Game
9.  Farmer in the Armor Game
10. Ring The Pumpkin Game
11. Horseshoes Game
12. Rope the Cow Game
13. Corn Cob Bowling Game
14. Off the Boards Game
15. Pumpkin Pitch Game
16. Bushels of Apples Game
17. Pumpkin Basketball Game
18. Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe Game
19. Gunny Sack Races
20. Sheep Raceway
21. Pumpkins Growing on the Vine Observation
22. Pumpkin Education Exhibit
23. Covered Wagon Picture Spot
24.  Picture Yourself in a Pumpkin Picture Spot
25.  Measure Your Height Picture Spot
26.  I Love Shepherd’s Cross Picture Spot
27.  Prayer Room – 4th Floor Silo
28.  Picnic Area
29.  Pumpkin Pens
30.  Pumpkin Stroll
31.  Coloring Contest
32.  Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin
33.  Tiny Tractors for Tiny Tots
34.  Farm Land Play Station
35.  Percy Pumpkin Story Time
36.  Black Walnut Hulling
37. Corn Shelling
38. Antique Tractor & Farm Equipment
39. Threshing Machine
40. Museum
41. Silo - Explore 4 floors
42. Oklahoma Farm Aquarium & Terrariums
43. Observe the farm animals in the green pastures
44. See Farm Animals in the Pastures including: Alpaca,
        Peacocks, Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Donkeys
45. Pecan Cracking Station
46. Antique Farm Hand Tool Exhibit
47. Veterinary Exhibit
48. Horse Exhibit
49. Sheep Dairy Exhibit
50. International Missions Exhibit
51. Woolly Library
52. International Spinning Wheel Collection
53. Weaving – Loom Exhibit includes: Early 1900 Jacquard Dobby Looms
54. Textile Fiber Exhibit
55. Family Table Top Game Area includes: Checkers, Farm-opoly, Matching
56. Bible Garden
57. Tractor Pull Wagon Ride in Head Meadow ($6.50 per person; 2 and under are free)
58. Craft –  Scarecrows ($4.00 per scarecrow)
59. Outdoor Scarecrow Making – from toddler to big daddy size ($4 per scarecrow)
   Bring your own set of clothing for your scarecrow.  We provide hay, string and pins for
   fastening, and a paper sac head.  You may bring your own head or purchase a
   pumpkin for a head.  Take your scarecrow home with you!
60. Bird Watching - Brochure & Sign Birds of Shepherd's Cross
61.  Sheep Wagon Rides (individual families only) $70 per ride
61. Picture Taking -  Fabulous Fall Sunsets
62. Gift Shop featuring:  Farm Fresh Animal Welfare Approved Products, Crafts, Yarn,
   Craft Equipment, Kids Section, Amish Baked Goods, Jams & Jellies, Snacks &
   Beverages, Gaywool Dyes
63. Weekend Special Events Include:  Military Day, Foster Family Day, Home school         
   Day, Grandparents Day, Open House, Farm Equipment Demonstrations
Military Family Day
Saturday, October 3, 2020

10% off your entire purchase
Buy 4 packages and get the
5th package free
(must show card & be present to participate)
Thank you for your service!  
At the Pumpkin Festival we teach that God
made the pumpkin. Pumpkins are a
healthy vegetable, as well as a colorful fall
decoration.  God has blessed us with
these wonderful vegetables, that keep well
in winter time and provide important

The pilgrims and early settlers of America
were grateful to have pumpkins to eat, as
other vegetables did not store well.
Pumpkins were a dietary mainstay...and
were part of the Thanksgiving tradition from
the start!  

Here, at Shepherd's Cross, we thank the
Lord for the harvest of vegetables of every
conceivable variety.
Join us in rejoicing in the bounty of His

Look for our pumpkin recipes when you
come to the patch this year.  There are
many uses for this wonderful vegetable,
and we sell all kinds for both decoration
and for making delicious foods such as
pies, breads, soups...even snacks!

The Pumpkin Festival is a fun &
educational experience.
Historically, October 31st began as a Christian celebration.    
On that same night, October 31st, these prayer warriors would place a candle in their
window to notify people in need,  that  they could come to receive free clothing and food.

The following day, November 1st (All Saints Day)  those dedicated Christian laborers
would go out and actively share the Good News of their Christian faith.  

Throughout history, and throughout the world, Christians have had slight variations on
this theme, however one thing remains constant in those historic tales - that is the
gathering of Christian believers in prayer and in service to others.  

May our porch lights, this holiday season, shine brightly as a beacon of hope for all. If you
are in need, be it for clothes, food, or a night of prayer, you are welcome.

This positive tradition can be followed any time of the year. What a positive reminder of
our history and mission!  

Pray together and  labor the fields together.  The field is ripe for the harvest.

May our celebrations be such a witness to the resurrection of Christ!
Sheep Wagon Rides!
New This year!
The all new Sheep Wagon is available for private rides in the
pasture.  Seating is limited to members of a family or your own
private small group.  10 seats are available on the ride.  The cost to
take the Sheep Wagon out is $70 per trip.  The Sheep Wagon is a
covered wagon, reminiscent of the covered wagons that shepherds
lived in when out on the trail during pioneer days.   
Personal Game Bags
Purchase your own private
bag of sanitized game toys for
playing the games in the Walk
Through Pumpkin Patch.  $5
per bag  
A sheep wagon is an enclosed
covered wagon fitted up as living
accommodations for a
shepherd or shepherdess
(sheepherder) on the range.
Our sheep wagon is fitted with
seats to provide rides in the
sheep pastures.
Link to Map of
Pumpkin Fest
Link to Map of
Pumpkin Fest
Link to Hampton Inn
reduced rates for
Shepherd's Cross