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"The righteous care for the needs of their animal".
Proverbs 12:10
Livestock are for Sale Year Round

Shepherd's Cross Sheep is a landrace breed of sheep that was developed on the farm, here at Shepherd's Cross.  These hardy sheep are able  
to live outdoors, on the pasture, survive Oklahoma temperature extremes and thrive on grass pasture. They are a combination sheep producing
quality meat and wool.  The landrace breed has been avai
lalble for approximately 20 years.  Developed by an agriculturalist and licensed
veterinarian. The flock averages a 180% lambing rate (200% is twins annually); a conception rate of over 99% annually; and flock losses are far less
than the national average.  The ewes are fantastic mothers and easy lambers.  The wool color is natural colored and includes golden, white, brown,
grey and spotted.  These color genetics go back to Jacob's flock in the Bible.  The flock at Shepherd's Cross is several hundred in number.  Great
Prices, and starter flock packages.

Dexter Cattle - Registered - Genetically tested

Our Registered Dexter Cattle are a hardy heritage breed cattle that can live well off the land and supply both meat and milk.  Our herd is genetically
tested and are registered.  Dexter cattle can be horned or polled. Our herd carries the horned genetics, so that they can defend themselves from
predators.  Dexters are gentle cattle, high quality milkers, great mothers and easy calvers.  Our herd is well cared for by our resident veterinarian.  
Two herd sire bulls are for sale right now:

Registered Dexter Mature Bull for $1199

Registered Dexter Proven Herd Sire Mature Bull

We guarantee our livestock for 30 days from purchase.

We are delighted to guide you through initiating a herd or flock.  

Livestock Free Range on the farm so be sure to call in advance if you want to come and purchase.
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