Shepherd's Garden
A Bible Garden

God made the plants . . . Genesis 1:29
This Biblically-based garden is nestled in the yard surrounding a reproduction 1920’s farm
home. The Dickinson family moved to the farm in 1991, and immediately began gardening.  
The first vegetable garden was producing fruit even before the family moved to the farm. At that
time, there were no garden beds, the home was simply nestled among some well established
maples and elms that grace the garden to this day. The garden now features over 100 plants
on placquad, and available as a self guided virtual tour on your own device.  

The ornamental English-style beds that surround the home were the original inspiration of
landscape architect William Dickinson, Peter’s brother.  At the time of the renderings, William
was living in England.  He drew the plans for the garden as a Christmas gift for the family.  
Included with the drawings in the Christmas package was a book about Bible Gardens.   Thus
the “seed” was planted and the inspiration to develop a Biblically-based garden at Shepherd’s
Cross began.

The garden has truly been a labor of love, and has not been an “instant” garden by any means.
The garden was established on a tight budget, primarily using purchased bare root plants and
seeds, as well as tubers and bulbs exchanged with friends.  After decades of tender love and
care, the garden has taken shape.  Many of the beds are flanked by classic English Country
hedges.  There is a mingling of the ordered, well shaped trees and shrubs with the freeness of
natural, carefree flowers, herbs and vegetables.

There are only a handful of Bible gardens in the U.S., most of which include plants that are
native only to the Holy Land.   In contrast, the Bible Garden at Shepherd’s Cross, grows types of
plants referenced either in the Bible, or in Biblical legends.  Plants in the garden have been
chosen for their ability to thrive in Oklahoma’s climate, and are representative of  Holy Land
varieties,  Over one hundred plants in the garden have Bible references on placards, in the
Bible Garden Book, and on the audio tour.   After visiting the garden, the Dickinson's hope that
gardeners will recall the Biblical references and be inspired as they labor in their own gardens,
or view other local gardens.  

An additional feature that adds to the English Country flair is the oak hedge which serves as a
fence along the half mile of road frontage, as well as along the drive to the home.  This hedge
was planted using bare root Shumard oaks, and is now nearly completely established.  Hedge
rows such as these are commonly used in rural Europe for fences and also to provide a
natural habitat for wildlife.

Visit the Bible Garden at Shepherd’s Cross and enjoy a peaceful respite in the country, watch
the peacocks strut on the grounds and the lambs leap for joy in the pasture, and learn more
about what Genesis I means when it says “God made the plants.”

Virtual Tour Recordings
Stroll through the garden, see the Plant Identification Signs, & listen here on your own device

Plants are very seasonal.  Not all are available to view all year round, however the signs will
indicate where the plant would be if it were in season.

Bible Garden Introduction

Angel Wing Begonia

Bible Garden Conclusion Part 1

Bible Garden Conclustion Part 2
Shepherd's  Bible Garden
  • Stroll through the Bible Garden and find a peaceful respite from life's hectic pace
  • Breathe the aroma of a new flower or herb around every corner
  • Listen as the birds chirp their greetings for a fresh new day and be reminded of how Our
    heavenly Father takes care of even  the sparrows. How much more He cares for each of
  • Enjoy a snack or picnic lunch in the Bible Garden
  • Read over 100 placards in the Garden, relating the plants to the Bible or listen to the
    audio on a virtual tour.  

Garden Tours:
     1.  Self Guided -  Virtual Tour  donation based (suggested $5 per person) - drop in or schedule in advance
                     Just below are 100 recordings featuring the plants in the Bible Garden.  Listen on your own device as you
                      walk  through the garden on a "virtual" tour.

     2.  Guided Tour   donation based (suggested $5 per person) - drop in or schedule

     3.  Guided Tour with Take Home Plant Activity  $7 per person - please schedule

  • Tours are available year round & are individualized
  • Tours available for the youngest gardener to the most experienced gardener
  • Tours for individuals, families, schools, clubs, and charter buses

Tuesday thru Saturday  
Year Round

Extended Hours & Days
for Special Events

Sundays & Mondays
July 4th Weekend
Christmas week
New Year's week &
Thanksgiving week
Not responsible for accident or injury of any kind.  Participants attend and participate at their own risk.

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